Clothing Choices for the Yoga Room

It can be easy not to put much thought into what you wear to the yoga room; but wearing the gear that is meant for the activity can make a world of difference!

All of the clothing we offer at the studio has been specially picked because it’s made for the practices we have at Juice Box! The companies we get our clothes from produce clothing made by yogis for yogis. The creator of Onzie is actually a Bikram instructor who has been practicing this yoga for 20 years! Because these companies know what they’re doing, the clothes we have are lightweight and simple so that they don’t distract or weigh you down; and you also don’t have to worry about them stretching out, losing shape, or becoming see-through when you get all hot and sweaty. These clothes are great at giving you privacy and keeping you covered while not decreasing any of your mobility!

We’re also very proud to offer the clothing we do because it comes from companies whose values match up with ours! We only get clothing from companies who are environmentally conscious. In fact, some things are actually made using plastic bottles! These clothing brands are also good at understanding the wide variety of bodies that exist and doing what they can to make a product that is as comfortable for everyone as it can possibly be!

So, while the gaping shorts or cotton clothes are an easy go-to, they’re not the best when it comes to practicing your sweaty and stretchy yoga. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered… No pun intended. We have the cutest and most comfortable clothing for everything you do to Get Hot!

Ask Sus or Tanya if you have any retail questions. They LOVE Yoga clothes!🙏❤️





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