The Science Behind Your Lavender Hand Towel…

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Do you know the story behind your frozen lavender hand towel? Do you know how it’s awesomeness came to exist at JBY? LOVE, it all started with LOVE, well actually, on a beach in Mexico, on a honeymoon, at the end of a hilarious yoga class; it’s a really great story that involves a cheeky parrot and a yoga studio in Mexico…but that’s a story to ask Tanya one day when you’ve got her trapped say for….90 minutes….?!

How about the SCIENCE behind your frozen lavender hand towel??!!! All essential oils have health benefits when used correctly. Lavender is a fantastic all around amazing oil because of the myriad of benefits it touts from top to bottom, inside to out!! We use the lavender as our scent of choice primarily because of the calming effects it has on us (and of course the great scent!). The relaxation effect of the lavender and the coolness of the frozen towel….well, you only need to take one class to know the perfection of this combo!

Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits of the lavender essence…

Lavender administered via an olfactory route (through smell) has been proven to decrease anxiety scores and increase mood scores in various clinical trials on Lavender aromatherapy. Lavender has been studied right up alongside of the leading anti-depressant medications!! Lavender oil showed no sedative effects in (certain) studies and has no potential for drug abuse. An orally administered lavender oil capsule preparation, silexan, appears to be an effective and well tolerated alternative to benzodiazepines (psychoactive drug used in traditional prescription drug preparations for anxiety) help with generalized anxiety. (Click over to both of those links, they have some citations to several clinical trials performed with lavender to aid in depression and anxiety!)

Other uses and benefits of lavender include antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, tension and headache relief, relief from aches and pains such as sore or tense muscles and sprains. Lavender oil can also do wonders for various respiratory ailments and breathing difficulties. 

These are only a few of the benefits of the mighty lavender plant. A simple google search for lavender benefits will give you lots of great reading and interesting tidbits that maybe you didn’t know!!

So, lie down, close your eyes, drift into the relaxation of your final savasana, and enjoy our gift to you, our thank you for coming to the mat, your frozen lavender hand towel. ahhhhhhhhh.


Around the studio…

Hi everyone!! It occurred to me lastnight that some of you may not know about our Juice Box Yoga LAVENDER SCENTED CANDLES!! Want to take the refreshing and relaxing scent of your lavender hand towel home with you….? Now you can!!! 



And….do you know about our Juice Box Yoga stickers?? Bumper, water bottle, note book….wherever you like to show your Juice Box pride!! 


Come in and check out what else we have around the studio…see you soon, yogis xx




keep that spring in your step…

Spring is starting to SPRING up, yogis!! The sun has been shining, the air is starting to feel warmer and the days are getting longer and longer. Whew! In all truth, we got off pretty easy this winter, the weather wasn’t too bad and, of course, we had our beloved juice box to keep us HOT all season long!

So…it’s this time of year that people start to question their attendance for yoga through the spring and summer…so we thought we would just jot down a few things about your yoga practice throughout the seasons and the year and how your next season can be impacted based on what you do now!!

The sun comes out, the weather warms up and we all want to take off our winter layers and GET OUTSIDE!!! As it starts to get hotter and hotter and the outside temp is turning up, it can be hard to get motivated to go in the HOT yoga room…but in fact, this is the BEST time to maintain your practice! You worked hard all fall and winter to stretch out your sore, tight cold body…now is the time to keep up the flexibility and strength you built up over the months of your diligent practice and continue on the upward path! You want to get out there this summer and use your strong body, so make sure you also give your body the stretching and relaxation that it needs…not to mention the calm mind and the slew of mental benefits we all receive from the practice!

In the winter time, you come into the yoga room with sore tight COLD muscles. It takes several minutes to just start to thaw out and get the joints and muscles loosened enough to  start to feel better. In the spring and summer, as the temperature OUTside is so much WARMER, you come into the yoga class already more loose and limber than before. You are already so much more warmed up to begin with, imagine what will be possible now!! And, of course, as we all have heard and all know for ourselves, everything we do in our yoga practice will help with EVERYTHING you do outside of the yoga room-all of your biking, swimming, running, hiking, driving, swinging, playing…etc…will benefit from your stretched out body and relaxed state of mind 😉

See you on the mat,

Tanya & Ida