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Fairy Dust


Tanya Rose

Fifteen years ago, Tanya Rose Bordner was thirty six-years-old and forty-five pounds over-weight.

“I didn’t notice it, I didn’t feel like I was depressed,” Bordner said. “It started to come out physiologically. I started to have really bad dizzy spells where I couldn’t lift my head without feeling like my head wasn’t attached to my body. [I had] major bouts of vertigo. My ex was a doctor; super medicating was too easy of a ‘solution’. The dizziness went away and I started getting bigger with the medicine. The headaches were constant. I was taking up to sixteen hundred milligrams of Advil a day. It was four Advil and then four hours later four more Advil. It was horrifying.”

Ever since Bordner was a little girl she had one simple dream, one that was a stark difference from her reality.

“I wanted to be barefoot,” Bordner said. “I’m sure my parents were like, ‘Whoo, you’re going to be something.’ ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ ‘Be barefoot.’ They were like ‘Awesome, you’re going to be successful.’ That’s all I wanted.”

She had lost herself.

“So, I took my first class,” Bordner said.


The answer is in the mirror.

Mirrors reflect the changes being made in the hot, humid room. Colorful yoga mats lay on the floor covered with towels catching one drop of sweat after the next. Juice Box yogis are shaping their futures right before their own eyes.

The room is always one hundred and five degrees; the same twenty-six postures are always performed.

The room is silent; minds are jumbled.

Yet yogis come to peace.

Half-moons, camels and trees.

Knees are locked, spines are twisted and minds are focused.

“[In Bikram yoga] we never change the postures so what changes is the person,” Bordner, now the owner and director of Juice Box Yoga, said. “You come in one day and standing head to knee is totally non accessible to you; after twenty classes you come in and you grab your foot for the first time and you know it was you. It wasn’t because you did a different posture or because the sequence was different. It’s you.”

Ninety minutes come and go.

Hot 60 is a spin-off of the Bikram series.

Rather than ninety minutes, it’s sixty.

Rather than two sets of each posture there is often only one.

It’s condensed.

“Back in the day people didn’t have many options; they carved out that ninety minutes [from] their day,” Bordner said. “That was before text messaging and before Facebook; before what now keeps us so busy and so interactive with a moments’ notice and spontaneity. People didn’t have somebody calling them or somebody text messaging them, ‘Oh let’s go out for a beer,’ or ‘Let’s go to the movies,’ or ‘Hey, my kid is sick,’ or ‘My dog ran away,’ or whatever it is. Technology has changed everything. It has changed our ability to give ourselves the time for ourselves.”

Sixty minutes. One series. One self.

Like Hot 60, Vinyasa Power Fusion has set sequences that yogis will one day feel accomplished in.

Yogis begin class with child’s pose; yogis imagine themselves in the here and now within the four corners of their mat.

Yogis flow. Yogis sweat.

Yogis fall on their faces, a block catching them mid-air as they attempt their first arm balance.

“I love having the playful atmosphere,” Bordner said. “We play music, we crack up, we fall on our faces, we fall on blocks [and] we chat. I say we are going to have a new sequence today and people heckle me. It’s a totally different jam.”

After just a few classes and countless drops of sweat yogis are crow-ing and cow-ing.

Yogis flow from tree pose to toe stand to flying pigeon.

The flow changes; new postures and arm balances are added.

Like Vinyasa Power Fusion, Hot Pilates has an ever changing sequence.

Savasana, hip raises, butterfly crunches, kayaks, toe touches, right side plank, hip dips, swimmers, forearm planks, superman, grasshoppers, left side plank, Pilates crunches, frog squats, plie squats, plie squat pulses, burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, donkey kicks, leg lifts, cat and cow, spine twists, child’s pose and savasana.

“Work, work, work, work, work, work,” blasts from the speakers.

Yogis’ hearts race and their muscles burn.

Hot Pilates is high intensity interval training with low impact. Like Bikram yoga, it is performed in a hot room to prevent pulling or hurting a cold muscle, Bordner explained.

Unlike Bikram yoga, Hot Pilates changes constantly.

“I start changing my sequence at about a week mark,” Bordner said. “By ten to fourteen days it’s totally different. But I like to see everyone seeing that after a week you’ve gotten stronger doing those sequences. I keep some of them in as I introduce the new ones so you can see ‘Oh, these are new muscles; this is harder.’”

Savasana is welcomed after sixty minutes of sweat and determination.

Warm and Mellow is one long savasana; it is unlike any other class at Juice Box Yoga.

It is warm and mellow.

It isn’t hot and sweaty.

It isn’t a jammin’ squat party.

It is a glorified nap.

Yogis stretch and breathe.

Hips are opened and spines are gently twisted.

“We do everything from butterfly to child’s pose to sleeping pigeon to cow face to lizard,” Bordner said. “It’s relaxing.”

Every yogi can find their home at Juice Box Yoga.


The faces of yogis, young and old, scream determination as they reach the cool down. Their bodies glisten in sweat, head to toe. They reach for their lavender towel and drape it over their face.

Sweating keeps yogis young. Detoxing the largest organ in the body, the skin, is the fountain of youth in the yoga world. Bordner said each posture that turns the body upside down gets blood pumping to the face and into the skin encouraging youthfulness.

“Turning upside down and sweating is really amazing for youthfulness,” Bordner said. “We are an upright society because we are human. We don’t turn upside down, we don’t hang upside down; we aren’t possums. However, if we did hang upside down, and when we do, it’s really good.”

With all the toxins dripping out of the pours of the skin, the body craves rehydration.

Hydration is personal: some drink green juices, some drink watermelon juice and some guzzle water. No matter what, yogis are rehydrating.

“The best part about hydration in Bikram yoga is if you’re not a water drinker, you’ll become one,” Bordner said. “I was not a water drinker. Doing Bikram yoga I just can’t get enough water. Doing Hot Pilates, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, water, water, water.’”

The urge to drink is a risk of these hot practices. A thesis from the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse College of Exercise and Sport Science Clinical Exercise Physiology explained that due to the hot environment, beginners may experience dizziness, nausea and passing out.

If yogis push themselves too far in these conditions, results will be disappointing.

“I would say that the negative aspect of [these hot practices] is when people push themselves too hard,” Bordner said. “When you let the ego get involved in your practice or you bring it into the yoga room or onto your mat those are the times when I have seen it. I’ve had a student who did over four hundred classes for Guinness Book of World Records and their body didn’t change at all and it was really sad to me. It was because they came into the room every day and the only thing they cared about was making that number happen.”


Both hot practices revolve around spinal articulation. The spine is curved and bent in every direction during the sixty or ninety minute class, bringing the spine back into alignment after years of compensation. These movements allow spinal fluid to move through the body positively effecting the brain, Bordner explained.

“I mean everything, EVERYHTING: leg, knee, shoulder, back, head, heart, I’ve seen it all healed in that room,” Bordner said. “It’s not like we are sprinkling fairy dust on them. When people are hurt and they are like, ‘I can’t.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, you can. You really can.’”

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine confirms the beneficial effects Bikram yoga has on chronic health conditions. In the journal’s study, thirty-seven percent of participants reported a reduction in pain.

With decreasing pain levels, sleep comes easier to some yogis.

“The transformation of people who are in chronic pain that come to this practice is unbelievable,” Bordner said. “I’ve had students that have come to me like ‘I sleep one hour a night maximum because I am in so much pain. I have to sleep sitting up, I have to basically stand to get any rest.’ Then they come in and like one class, two classes, and they notice a difference.”

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found fifty-five percent of study participants had a reduction in fatigue and twenty-five percent faced less sleep disturbance.


“Stress just gets sweat away,” Bordner said. “You can’t be stressed out and do Bikram or you’ll kill yourself. You start to learn that if it’s like that in Bikram, what’s it like when I’m driving through the spaghetti bowl? You start to realize well, if I can breathe in camel, I can breathe in anything.”

As the stress drips away, life comes into focus.

“Without focus you couldn’t do a yoga posture,” Bordner said. “If you’re wobbling, look at one spot, and it’s really hard to fall over, but if you look around you’re going to fall over. What I’ve found is that when you train yourself in [the yoga room] it affects everything else you do: ‘Oh my god, my golf game is so much better.’ Or ‘Oh my god, my cycling is so much better.’ You learn to focus, you go back to your yoga practice, and you look at one spot.”

With ninety minutes to stare into the mirror the truth comes out. There is nowhere to hide.

“Relationships change,” Bordner said. “I’ve seen a lot of divorces through yoga. I’ve seen a lot of people change. You start to realize, ‘That doesn’t work for me. I want to be respected more. I want to have more happier, positive interactions. I don’t like that communication. You’re not going to change. You don’t believe in what I do.’ Those things become very real and apparent in your yoga practice because you really start to believe in yourself.”

Believe in yourself. Love yourself.


Bordner just turned fifty-years-old.

“I started to realize how much of me I had let go.”

“Like for four years I had left my body and traveled around Europe and around the world and then come home,” Bordner said. “I would have pulled up to my house and it would have been an amazingly emotional experience. That’s what it was like for me. It was like I came home and there were weeds growing, the rocks were out of place, and it was a shit storm. The dogs are out and nobody has picked up the poop in three years. It was like, ‘Whoa! I got some shit to handle. But I’m home.’ When you leave your body for so long it’s just like going on a trip and coming home. No matter how much work there is to do it’s still so good to be home. That’s how I felt.”

Fourteen years after “coming home,” Bordner has lost weight, her migraines have dramatically lessened and she is re-married.

Today Bordner walks around her two studios barefoot.


The Science Behind Your Lavender Hand Towel…

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Do you know the story behind your frozen lavender hand towel? Do you know how it’s awesomeness came to exist at JBY? LOVE, it all started with LOVE, well actually, on a beach in Mexico, on a honeymoon, at the end of a hilarious yoga class; it’s a really great story that involves a cheeky parrot and a yoga studio in Mexico…but that’s a story to ask Tanya one day when you’ve got her trapped say for….90 minutes….?!

How about the SCIENCE behind your frozen lavender hand towel??!!! All essential oils have health benefits when used correctly. Lavender is a fantastic all around amazing oil because of the myriad of benefits it touts from top to bottom, inside to out!! We use the lavender as our scent of choice primarily because of the calming effects it has on us (and of course the great scent!). The relaxation effect of the lavender and the coolness of the frozen towel….well, you only need to take one class to know the perfection of this combo!

Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits of the lavender essence…

Lavender administered via an olfactory route (through smell) has been proven to decrease anxiety scores and increase mood scores in various clinical trials on Lavender aromatherapy. Lavender has been studied right up alongside of the leading anti-depressant medications!! Lavender oil showed no sedative effects in (certain) studies and has no potential for drug abuse. An orally administered lavender oil capsule preparation, silexan, appears to be an effective and well tolerated alternative to benzodiazepines (psychoactive drug used in traditional prescription drug preparations for anxiety) help with generalized anxiety. (Click over to both of those links, they have some citations to several clinical trials performed with lavender to aid in depression and anxiety!)

Other uses and benefits of lavender include antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, tension and headache relief, relief from aches and pains such as sore or tense muscles and sprains. Lavender oil can also do wonders for various respiratory ailments and breathing difficulties. 

These are only a few of the benefits of the mighty lavender plant. A simple google search for lavender benefits will give you lots of great reading and interesting tidbits that maybe you didn’t know!!

So, lie down, close your eyes, drift into the relaxation of your final savasana, and enjoy our gift to you, our thank you for coming to the mat, your frozen lavender hand towel. ahhhhhhhhh.


JUICY Thoughts by Tanya…10 years on and off the mat.

Really 2013???

Heres how it started- In 2002, I attended my first Bikram Yoga class. I thought I was going to die. I also quickly learned that stretchy clothing did not mean men’s bicycle shorts with THE BIGGEST PADDING, and a giant cotton t-shirt. I was pretty water logged to say the least. During that first class a couple of things stand out for me. One, the teacher was unbelievable! How did she remember which way we should turn our heads?! I remember laying there being blown away by the discipline and generosity of the entire class. I loved the structure of the class but was just so overwhelmed by the heat. I seemed to have the realization that I was a mess. My body felt angry at me for letting it get this way, and laying on the floor of that hot smelly sweaty room was when I fully felt it for the first time. The other thing I was struck by was all the talking. I thought to myself, I could never do her job. I couldn’t even begin to imagine myself  having to do all that public speaking.  After that class, I thanked my friend and stated clearly, this was NOT for me.  I appreciated her concern and help, because frankly, I was a mess. I needed to do something to feel better but I was pretty sure this was not it.  I had hated heat my whole life!

The next morning after my first class, when I woke up and walked into the kitchen, I swear I was taller. My posture already seemed improved? Really?? I was pretty unhealthy at this time of my life.  I was 45lbs overweight, I had migraines almost daily and mothering my 3 year old twins had taken over my entire life. I had friends, but no time of my own. I was on anti-depressants, up to 1600 MG a day of Advil or other pain relievers, which caused stomach issues, and therefore, took prescription strength antacids.  My diet choices were all wrong, things weren’t right, I just didn’t know where to start. So, I went back to class that day…and about every day after that. After practicing for about 6 months my dear friend said, “you should go to teacher training, you love this practice, you should try!” I simply replied, “You are crazy!”

Next thing I knew, kids in tow, I was taking Bikram’s class at my first day of the 2003 Spring Teacher Training in Los Angeles. At that point, I had lost 25lbs. But honestly, I hadn’t really gained a lot of awareness. My habits were the same. I had added the yoga, but kept the sugar, the wine, the meds, the unhappy marriage. I kept my mental restraints nice and close to me. I THOUGHT they were my destiny.

Throughout the next 9 weeks of teacher training, I had A LOT of ME time. I spent a lot of time in my head struggling through my mental boundaries. I started realizing the judgements I perceived that others had towards me, were really MY OWN. I wondered, just because I didn’t like me, maybe OTHERS did? Remarkable. Intriguing. Frightening.

That was the beginning for me. Or, THAT beginning, anyways. 🙂

I taught my first class at the Reno studio. WOW I was BAD!! LOL. I finished class 15 minutes early, called the transverse colon the transcending colon and wanted to run from the room with every posture. My drive to help people, and specifically at that time to help kids, was huge.  I was motivated, so I just kept teaching and learning. I initially did not go to teacher training to teach adults. My goal was to bring yoga to kids. I wanted kids to have the awareness I didn’t have growing up. I didn’t want kids to struggle as I had. I saw that I had lost an inherent awareness when I was growing up because it wasn’t nurtured and got buried.  My yoga practice showed me that I had everything I needed and could begin to bring it back to the surface. My yoga practice was healing deep wounds.

In the first year after my Bikram teacher training, I traveled from San Diego to New York to learn different ways to teach yoga to kids. All the while, I was teaching 10+ Bikram classes per week, and my twins had started kindergarten. At that time, the Truckee studio was unable to make it financially, and I was offered the opportunity to purchase it. The studio was a great place to have kids classes, and suddenly I had a space for kids classes and adult classes in the same building!

So…over the next few years everything changed. A LOT!  I got a divorce. I got re-married to an amazing man who is the most supportive and loving husband. I now have four kids, three dogs and a cat…We often refer to our big blended  family as the Brady Bunch! I eat food that makes me happy, and most importantly makes my body feel GOOD. I am surrounded by loving supportive people, JBY staff and students have become a family and more.  I love walking into the studios and I LOVE stepping onto that podium.  I have a lot more patience for everything, but especially myself.

Over the past 11 years, I have focussed my yoga on my physical practice, and then not, and then came back to the physical practice, and then not again. In February of 2004 I did a 30 day challenge. That February changed my life. I decided for that 30 days to not put ANYTHING in my body that was impure. It meant no Advil, no anti-depressants, no alcohol, no sugar, and I was going to practice Bikram yoga every day.  In that month I saw my first yoga competition, and witnessed the beauty that was expressed through the yoga postures. It helped me see the postures in the most pure form.

In this segment of my journey, I amicably parted ways with my business partner and dear friend, I purchased two more studios. Sadly, I had to close one of the newly acquired studios a couple of years later, after almost losing everything. After some time, I was blessed with some amazing people who helped me see my vision and together we had some steady forces of wonder making the business sustainable. I was later able to double the Truckee studio space to include a beautiful juice bar! Unfortunately, I was forced to walk away from it almost immediately.  But, with a big painful learning experience behind me and a newly enforced love for my community, we were able to open the new Juice Box Yoga (at that time, Bikram Yoga Truckee) just 45 days later.

I have done many challenges over the years, both in the yoga room and out of the yoga room. I have taken way, way more time off the mat at times than I wanted to. Through all of this I have TRIED to maintain the practice that over the last ten years has shown me my strengths and weaknesses, but the harder I tried the harder it got. I’ve tried to come to my mat every day, but over the years that struggle I had wasn’t what I needed to feed my soul. The lessons that I have learned over the years have given me the pure knowledge that Yoga is Everything, and Everything is Yoga. I have learned to see in the mirrors of those juicy rooms that we are all good people just trying to do good things. As I look out from the podium when I teach, I see sweaty faces that I love and that have been there sweating and living their yoga for ten or more years in front of me. I see the steady rocks and foundation of our studios. Just like me they have sought spiritual enlightenment, made new and better choices about food, started ingesting things that help heal, not harm and have created happier friendships and relationships with themselves and others. We have been in our new beautiful Truckee location for three years this fall and I feel so blessed every day I see so many yogis who have been with us for TEN YEARS up there! Our “new” space is such an improvement from our last space, I’m so grateful  its sometimes hard to believe.  Over our ten years, our KARMA classes have raised over $65,000.00 for organizations and families in our community! We remodelled our Reno studio and extended the schedule to maximum capacity!  We have a full time desk staff, and amazing teachers, who LOVE what they do!  We, as a team, continue to seek our next way to reach the communities that we love so much. We have hosted Yoga competitions and trained Regional, National and International competitors. We have started our long anticipated retreats!! We have LIVED our YOGA! Locally and now Globally. With your help!

As you see my friends, my loved ones, yoga doesn’t always look perfect. On or off the mat, it never looks like anyone else’s yoga. Sometimes its MESSY! Really MESSY even! Then, after it’s messy,  we get back up and do our best…we try again. Drippy, sweaty, humbled, juicy, and happy. Because we can. Thats the beauty of it, and that is where I feel the real yoga begins. Our own  yoga begins when we believe and when we do our best. It begins when we laugh when we can, and cry when we need to. When we get raw and get real. When we love.  When we live in gratitude, even when its hard. That’s our yoga

I am looking forward to the next ten years, with EXCITEMENT, and with faith. I am looking forward to living my yoga on and off the mat with all of you, Here. There. And EVERYWHERE!! Thanks for always being my best teachers, and thanks for being the BEST JUICY YOGA COMMUNITY ON THE PLANET!!

In peace,


Sometimes yoga my yoga looks like this...
Sometimes yoga my yoga looks like this…

Love Your Sweat!

Hello Yogis!! How’s this HEAT treating you??!! It has been a hot and sunny July so far, and we have the sneaking suspicion that it’s going to get eeeeeeeven HOTTER…well, that’s our suspicion for YOU, we’ll see what happens with the weather 😉

Let’s talk about SWEAT! There are many reasons why we turn up the heat in the yoga room, and sweating definitely gets to hang around the top of that list. While this weather is so warm and so many of you are practicing regularly (good for you!), we thought we would jot down a few benefits of SWEATING to keep you inspired to maintain your practice throughout the hotter months.

1) Your Skin Looks Amazing!

Have you had people say that to you yet? Don’t worry, you will. With the amount of sweating that we do in the hot room, the detoxification level of your sweat heightens. You stir up all the crap in your body and then you SWEAT IT OUT (of your skin)!! She-zam! Just from daily use, your skin’s pores get built up with dirt and whatever else is floating around in the air or off your make up brush. The sweating you do in your yoga practice helps the skin (the largest organ of the human body) cleanse and purify itself from the inside out. So, make sure you don’t rub that sweat back into your skin, and rinse your face with cold water and shower right after class…you don’t want those dirts and toxins drying back into your freshly cleansed skin, do you?

2) You Are So Happy!

Yup, sweating makes you happier!! When you exercise, you sweat and you release endorphins, the HAPPY HORMONE! Your stress lowers, your muscles relax and you actually relax your brain!  The more you exercise, the more you sweat, the happier you get.

3) You Are So Hydrated!!

Yup, it’s simple, the more you sweat, the more you get thirsty, the more you drink your water!! We yogis know the benefits of drinking water throughout the day (before and after class), so when it comes to the hot summer months we don’t have to force ourselves to hydrate, we are already doing it! The juicier the class is that we go to, the more delicious our water and other tasty refreshing beverages are!!

4) You Never Seem to go to the Doctor!

You know it’s true, yogis. You hardly get sick anymore, and you know when you do it’s hardly as bad as it used to be. Sweating is so beneficial for the internal organs. Sweating gets your lymph system working in peak condition which helps all of your other systems work in harmony and allows your body to cleanse itself and clear out the junk that can become stagnant.  That stagnation can lead to chronic pain and inflammation, burn out of key internal organs, reduced mobility and use of your joints and overall lethargy and heaviness…especially in the heat of the summer! We think practicing yoga is a much better option!

5) Your Body Looks So Fit…AND You Look Like You Are IN LOVE!

Yes, it is true, yogis, there is a part of us that love our yoga practice for the mental clarity it brings and the time it gives us to really just be with ourselves…but Bikram Yoga is a kick ass workout for your mind AND YOUR BODY! That’s right, yogis, the more you come to class and sweat, the more you use your ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your physical body, the more you watch yourself working hard and you fall in love with yourself. You witness your own transformation and what you can accomplish through your determination, concentration, patience, faith and self control.

It’s so exciting to see you sweat all summer long, yogis. Remember to stay HYDRATED (talk to us if you have any questions about hydration) so you can keep sweating all summer long.

See you on the mat!



Around the studio…

Hi everyone!! It occurred to me lastnight that some of you may not know about our Juice Box Yoga LAVENDER SCENTED CANDLES!! Want to take the refreshing and relaxing scent of your lavender hand towel home with you….? Now you can!!! 



And….do you know about our Juice Box Yoga stickers?? Bumper, water bottle, note book….wherever you like to show your Juice Box pride!! 


Come in and check out what else we have around the studio…see you soon, yogis xx




Hydroflasks are IN and OUT!!!

Now that it’s getting HOTter OUTside, the need for extra hydration is even more important…

Have you heard about Hydroflask? ( These bottles are AMAZING!! Seriously! We know it sounds a bit dramatic, but this bottle with change your life!! (We have heard more than a few students lately saying this!!). These bottles are double (triple? quadruple?) walled stainless steel and they are guaranteed to keep your cold water cold and your hot water (drink) hot…for HOURS!!!! Not only are the bottles amazing, but the company is pretty awesome also. This is from the website….

“…the first Hydro Flask, incorporating principles of vacuum insulation, safety (BPA-free), food grade stainless steel, a range of fun durable colors and a charitable arm called to give a portion back to worthy causes.”

Yup, YOU can keep YOUR cold drink cold and YOUR hot drink hot…AND YOU get to GIVE BACK!!!

So, after all that, we only have a FEW hydroflasks left. We have large 40oz bottles and smaller 18oz ones (perfect for coffee or tea!)…change (and HYDRATE!) your life…one COLD (or hot!) sip at a time….

last few....
last few….

And…don’t worry if you didn’t get one this time…we will order more 😉

Drink up, yogis!!