In The Kitchen With Tanya Rose

#meatlessmonday Week #19 Homegrown Gastropub

Third Stop…

Homegrown Gastropub

Our third stop is Homegrown Gastropub in Midtown!

“Gastropub is the newest vegan hotspot! There’s a wide variety of options for those looking for meat substitutions or those looking for simple vegan dishes. I love the indoor and outdoor dining options, especially since it’s almost summer! This weekend I went with the hubs and we ordered Vegan Breakfast Tacos and Vegan Eggs Benedict.

We are loving sharing these local, vegan-friendly places with you! It’s AMAZING to live in a community where you can find awesome, cruelty-free food.

I often hear, “It’s so hard to find food to eat. It’s a real struggle. Where do you eat? What do you eat?” This is where I eat; this is what I eat. Maybe I’ll see you there next time!” ~Tanya Rose

Vegan Eggs Benedict

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