Around the studio…

Hi everyone!! It occurred to me lastnight that some of you may not know about our Juice Box Yoga LAVENDER SCENTED CANDLES!! Want to take the refreshing and relaxing scent of your lavender hand towel home with you….? Now you can!!! 



And….do you know about our Juice Box Yoga stickers?? Bumper, water bottle, note book….wherever you like to show your Juice Box pride!! 


Come in and check out what else we have around the studio…see you soon, yogis xx




Hydroflasks are IN and OUT!!!

Now that it’s getting HOTter OUTside, the need for extra hydration is even more important…

Have you heard about Hydroflask? (http://www.hydroflask.com/) These bottles are AMAZING!! Seriously! We know it sounds a bit dramatic, but this bottle with change your life!! (We have heard more than a few students lately saying this!!). These bottles are double (triple? quadruple?) walled stainless steel and they are guaranteed to keep your cold water cold and your hot water (drink) hot…for HOURS!!!! Not only are the bottles amazing, but the company is pretty awesome also. This is from the website….

“…the first Hydro Flask, incorporating principles of vacuum insulation, safety (BPA-free), food grade stainless steel, a range of fun durable colors and a charitable arm called FivePercentBack.org to give a portion back to worthy causes.”

Yup, YOU can keep YOUR cold drink cold and YOUR hot drink hot…AND YOU get to GIVE BACK!!!

So, after all that, we only have a FEW hydroflasks left. We have large 40oz bottles and smaller 18oz ones (perfect for coffee or tea!)…change (and HYDRATE!) your life…one COLD (or hot!) sip at a time….

last few....
last few….

And…don’t worry if you didn’t get one this time…we will order more 😉

Drink up, yogis!!