what does your yoga look like OUTSIDE of the yoga room?

Have you ever been standing in line at Whole Foods and seen the pictures of people doing standing bow pulling pose on a mountain top, or camel pose on a snowboard, or tree pose with village children in Peru….?? Well, we want to know what YOUR yoga looks like out there, outside of the yoga room and out in the WORLD!

As the weather warms up and you are feeling inclined to get outside, take what you have learned IN the yoga room and let’s see how your yoga shows up OUT of the yoga room.

As many of you have experienced, yoga is everything. Yoga is not just the postures you do, but how you do them. Your yoga is not just the hour and a half you spend in the hot juicy room, but it’s also the 22 and a half hours you spend in your hot juicy LIFE!! Yoga is everything and everything is yoga! We want to see what your yoga looks like out in your life and how yoga shows up for you!!

Send us your photos, yogis. Email them, Facebook them, bring them into the studio!!! We want to see them…then we will let you know what the game is all about…

See you on the mat and in the world!

Ida & Tanya

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