what does your yoga look like OUTSIDE of the yoga room?

Have you ever been standing in line at Whole Foods and seen the pictures of people doing standing bow pulling pose on a mountain top, or camel pose on a snowboard, or tree pose with village children in Peru….?? Well, we want to know what YOUR yoga looks like out there, outside of the yoga room and out in the WORLD!

As the weather warms up and you are feeling inclined to get outside, take what you have learned IN the yoga room and let’s see how your yoga shows up OUT of the yoga room.

As many of you have experienced, yoga is everything. Yoga is not just the postures you do, but how you do them. Your yoga is not just the hour and a half you spend in the hot juicy room, but it’s also the 22 and a half hours you spend in your hot juicy LIFE!! Yoga is everything and everything is yoga! We want to see what your yoga looks like out in your life and how yoga shows up for you!!

Send us your photos, yogis. Email them, Facebook them, bring them into the studio!!! We want to see them…then we will let you know what the game is all about…

See you on the mat and in the world!

Ida & Tanya

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keep that spring in your step…

Spring is starting to SPRING up, yogis!! The sun has been shining, the air is starting to feel warmer and the days are getting longer and longer. Whew! In all truth, we got off pretty easy this winter, the weather wasn’t too bad and, of course, we had our beloved juice box to keep us HOT all season long!

So…it’s this time of year that people start to question their attendance for yoga through the spring and summer…so we thought we would just jot down a few things about your yoga practice throughout the seasons and the year and how your next season can be impacted based on what you do now!!

The sun comes out, the weather warms up and we all want to take off our winter layers and GET OUTSIDE!!! As it starts to get hotter and hotter and the outside temp is turning up, it can be hard to get motivated to go in the HOT yoga room…but in fact, this is the BEST time to maintain your practice! You worked hard all fall and winter to stretch out your sore, tight cold body…now is the time to keep up the flexibility and strength you built up over the months of your diligent practice and continue on the upward path! You want to get out there this summer and use your strong body, so make sure you also give your body the stretching and relaxation that it needs…not to mention the calm mind and the slew of mental benefits we all receive from the practice!

In the winter time, you come into the yoga room with sore tight COLD muscles. It takes several minutes to just start to thaw out and get the joints and muscles loosened enough to  start to feel better. In the spring and summer, as the temperature OUTside is so much WARMER, you come into the yoga class already more loose and limber than before. You are already so much more warmed up to begin with, imagine what will be possible now!! And, of course, as we all have heard and all know for ourselves, everything we do in our yoga practice will help with EVERYTHING you do outside of the yoga room-all of your biking, swimming, running, hiking, driving, swinging, playing…etc…will benefit from your stretched out body and relaxed state of mind 😉

See you on the mat,

Tanya & Ida



First JBY Yoga Vacation a TOTAL Blast!!!

Hello Yogis!! 

Our first yoga vacation to Troncones Bay was AMAZING!! We had SUCH a great and amazing time, we are so excited about the NEXT ONE!!! (more on that later…)

We had 5 yogis join us, to make a group of 8 for the week. Everything from our accomodation to our yoga classes was so wonderful, it was hard to leave! We practiced yoga outside, in the garden, with the palm trees to shade us from the morning sun and the sound of the ocean’s waves to guide our breath through the practice. Ahhh, heaven. 

Practicing yoga outside was such a different experience from our usual juice box, and we all learned some amazing things about our practice through the week. There was something so honest about taking our practice from the bright lights and hot sweaty room that we are used to and into a more quiet, natural and in the end, a MORE self reflective place. The act of taking away all that we know, all our habits (even unknown to us) in the hot room, taking away the mirror and lighting the inner flame…or, maybe just enjoying being in nature ;). Everyone got something different, and of course, as always, everyone got exactly what she or he needed. 

In addition to our trusty 26+2 practice, we did some partner stretching and synergy flying, as well as meditation, posture workshop, baby turtle release, surfing, eating, sunning, swimming, drinking fresh coconuts…..and the list goes on!! It’s very exciting for us as this has been something we’ve wanted to share for so long. So…now it’s back to the internet to find the NEXT adventure spot!! Keep your eyes and ears peeled around the studio for info…we are looking at dates for OCTOBER 2013.

See you on the mat, yogis.

Ida & Tanya