28 days til MEXICO!!

Hello Everyone. 28 sleeps til MEXICO!! Ole!

There is still time (and space) for YOU to sign up for our first Yoga vacation in glorious MEXICO!! If you don’t already know, or haven’t already heard, Tanya and Ida are taking a group of yogis to Mexico to practice yoga by the beach, surf in some of the world’s BEST surfing spots, eat fresh food, soak up the sun, recharge and refresh in the tropical sunshine and sea salt and coconut scented air. Gosh that sounds amazing.

If you are sitting on the fence about it, please contact the studio or ida or tanyarose (@) yogajuicebox.com and maybe we can answer some questions for you…or come up with perhaps a shorter trip….who said FIVE days in Mexico is too short??? ha.



This could be an opportunity for you to have a new relationship with your yoga practice…we Bikram yogis are so used to our hot little juice box, but here we will practice our yoga outside, in the heat of MEXICO, with the sound and sight of the ocean…by including yoga as a part of your vacation, you will leave here (hopefully!) feeling energized and ready to go back to your fabulous life at home!

Go home feeling energized and renewed and like you can take on the world, not like you need a few days off to re-energize from your vacation!!





What are you waiting for….



US National Yoga Championships

Hello Everyone!

This weekend the US National Yoga championships is happening in NYC! Our very own teacher, Cameron, is there to represent Nevada!! Unfortunately, as I write this post, Cameron has already been on the stage (he did great!!)…however there are many other people still yet to compete. It’s just finishing with the Men’s division, and this afternoon will be the women’s division. Today is the semi finals, so the top ten finallists from today will continue on and demonstrate again tomorrow (this is what I will be watching!!). As well the youth division will be tomorrow (Sunday). 

The link for the live stream is usayoga.tv

Even if you have only a few minutes, check it out…see some amazing yogis demonstrate their concentration, determination, focus, practice and love for this yoga!

“Competition is the foundation for all democratic societies.
For without ‘Competition’, there is no democracy.”
 — Bikram Choudhury

See you in the hot room, yogis!